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Portable Charger Mini Power Emergency Key Chain

Portable Charger Mini Power Emergency Key Chain

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About This Item:

Forget About Your Phone Battery Die During Emergency, With Our Latest Portable Keychain Power Bank

Compact Size: The keychain charger is incredibly small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around wherever you go. It is typically designed to fit comfortably on a keychain.


Portable Power Source: Despite its small size, the keychain charger houses a powerful battery that can provide a substantial amount of backup power.

Rechargeable: The keychain charger itself is rechargeable, usually through a standard USB port. 

 Emergency Power Solution: The keychain charger serves as an excellent emergency power solution. When your device's battery is running low and there's no accessible power outlet nearby,

 LED Indicators: To keep you informed about its battery level and charging status, This keychain charger come equipped with LED indicators. 


Keychain Power Bank: Portable Chargers
Battery Pack: Pocket Mobile Power
Type: Portable Power Bank
Material: ABS+circuit board
Color: Black/Pink
Battery capacity: 1500mah
Output interface: Type-C/8 Pin
Output power: 5V/1A



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